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LF Handheld Reader for Pet Tracking

Based on RFID and network technology, the RFID Pet Identification Management System uses a pet tag as a ID certification to fundamentally solve the problem of pet loss, abandonment and supervision.
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Product Details

LF Handheld Reader for Pet Tracking

LF Handheld Reader

1. Low power consumption design

2. Mechanical button operation

3. LCD display、LED pilot lamp、buzzer status

4. Bluetooth 2.0 + 4.0BLE wireless transmission

5. USB 2.0 communication and charging interface

6. 134.2Khz working frequency

7. Support ISO 14223 and 11784/85 protocol

8. Tag types FDX-B\FDX-A\HDX\EM4102

9. Reading range FDXB 2*12mm glass tube≤9cm, FDXB φ30mm cow ear tag≤20

FDXA 2*12mm glass tube≤8cm, HDX φ30mm cow ear tag≤15

Cattle Ear Tag Reader


Model No.: MR1053(RT100 V8)

Material: ABS, grey in back, white in front

Dimension: 155*82*22mm

Weight: 130g(include battery)

IP grade: IP52

Electric Features

Shutdown quiescent current: ≦40uA

Start quiescent current: ≦31mA

Maximum power consumption: ≦1000mA

Lithium battery model: PL752742

Supply voltage: 3.7VDC

Battery capacity: 1500mAh

Usage life: <3 years

Environment Features

Working temp.: -5℃ to +40℃

Store temp.: -10℃ to +60℃

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