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  • Asset management RFID application solution
    Asset management RFID application solution
    on December 3,2021.

    Three major problems in fixed asset management Asset inventory is an indispensable and important link in asset management. It plays a role in checking the physical assets of assets and reflecting the status of assets, and plays a role in on-site verification and supervision of the work. At present, most companies still rely entirely on manual inventory in the asset inventory work. Management methods are lagging, inventory efficiency and accuracy are low, a lot of repetitive work has been performed, the post-data statistics and report production workload is large, and the entire inventory cycle is long. With a large number of assets, geographically dispersed, and inaccurate and untimely information, it is difficult to know the status of assets in a timely manner: such as quantity, component parts, storage location, use department, responsible person, use status, etc. When using assets, they are only used for use, and do not care who is responsible for keeping the assets, and it is not clear about the actual situation of the assets they are responsible for. These conditions directly lead to low asset utilization, and it is extremely prone to problems such as repeated purchases and asset loss. There are many types and quantities of assets, and the location of use changes at any time, and assets often "disappear". Traditional manual bookkeeping is often inefficient, heavy workload, and inaccurate data, which can easily cause inconsistencies in the accounts. Managers and responsible personnel cannot query the current actual status of assets in real time, and cannot quickly conduct budget approval and business operations. Approval, leadership decision-making, etc. Advantages of RFID asset management system Based on RFID technology, asset data is stored in tags or systems as needed to realize the full life cycle management of asset purchase, use, maintenance, inventory, and scrapping, and realize real-time monitoring and management of important assets. Achieve the consistency of accounts and objects, greatly improving the efficiency of asset inventory and asset utilization. Use RFID technology to reduce repeated purchase costs, reduce audit costs, reduce equipment loss, and increase asset utilization. At the same time, based on RFID technology, the characteristics of long-distance, batch, and fast reading can greatly improve inventory efficiency. Live picture

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  • MR7901P Integrated Data Terminal Application Guide
    MR7901P Integrated Data Terminal Application Guide
    on September 16,2021.

    一、Precautions for MR7901P Integrated Data Terminal installation The company does not assume warranty responsibility for failures caused by unauthorized removal or modification of equipment parts; Safety measures need to be strengthened during outdoor installation and construction to ensure personal safety; 220V power supply needs to be used during the operation, and you need to pay attention to the safety of electricity use; This equipment is a special purpose product, and the relevant parameter configuration needs to be carried out under the guidance of professional and technical personnel. If you have any questions during use, please contact our service staff. MR7901P Integrated Data Terminal will incur traffic charges during normal use, please solve the traffic card by yourself 二、MR7901P Integrated Data Terminalinstallation preparation Part of the preparatory work is required before equipment installation to improve the efficiency of on-site installation. The work that needs to be prepared in advance has the following steps: The first step is that the equipment installation and debugging personnel go to the application market (or Apple store) to search for the APP software "Safe City", and then install it on the mobile phone, and then obtain the APP login account and login password with the relevant service personnel. The second step is to install the SIM card in the device in advance. The main operation process is as follows. First open the fixing screw at the bottom of the host, see the figure below: Open the bottom screw, take out the host motherboard, put the SIM card into the card slot, see the figure below: Place the SIM card slot to complete the installation of the SIM card, see the figure below: Then plug in the power to the device and observe whether the relevant indicator lights of the device are normally flashing. The description of the indicator lights is as follows: Motherboard red indicator: the power supply indicator is always on Blue indicator light on the motherboard: the bluetooth indicator flashes to indicate no connection, and the steady light indicates that it is connected Motherboard orange indicator light: The wireless indicator flashes to indicate that the network is being established, and the steady light indicates that the device is normally connected to the platform Green indicator light on the mainboard: the device reads the card work indicator light The red indicator light on the RFID card reader board: always on, it is in normal operation The status indicator of the motherboard and RFID card reader, see the figure below: After installing the main board into the main body shell, lock the bottom screws, see the figure below: 三、On-site installation ofMR7901P Integrated Data Terminal After determining the installation height on the equipment installation pole, use a stainless steel hoop to fix it to the telegraph pole and fix the bracket, see the figure below: The DC plug of the power adapter and the DC JACK of the ho...

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  • China Safe City Project Case Study
    China Safe City Project Case Study
    on September 13,2018.

    China Safe City Project As of 2016, the number of electric vehicles in China has exceeded 200 million. Such a large number of electric vehicles has become an important part of urban transport.According to the statistics of the Ministry of Public Security, the annual cases of electric vehicles stolen accounted for about 30% of all property loss cases. Electric cars caused by traffic accidents accounted for more than 60%. The high incidence of theft and traffic accidents led to the government and public security departments must invest a lot of manpower and resources. IoT Safe City Project is the best solution to this problem. It realizes real-time safety regulation of people, vehicles and things in the city by install Internet of Things base stations in the cities. The implementation of a safe city will help the public security organ to improve the detection rate of electric vehicle theft cases (data show that up to 80%), effectively crack down on criminal acts and theft gangs and reduce the incidence of cases. Using the data analysis of the safe city cloud platform can help the public security departments to strengthen the control of electric vehicles, optimize the traffic order, achieve more reasonable and effective supervision, and greatly enhance the safety and convenience of the general public traveling. In the city's road network nodes (road junctions, etc.) to install RFID signal collector. The collector can effectively read signals from multiple active tags within a certain distance.Install electric tags on electric cars and motorcycles. When a vehicle passes through any intersection, the system automatically records its position and track information and supervises and protects them in real time. The city where the collector base station network is installed and the Safe City IoT system is set up not only enables intelligent anti-theft and safety management of electric vehicles but also real-time student safety protection, special personnel safety management, and special items Smart regulation. Safe City IoT system can monitor vehicles that installed Active RFID tags in real time.Owners can monitor their vehicles in the mobile APP in real time, and the public security department can also manage the vehicles in the urban area effectively through the cloud platform. In the past, after electric vehicles and motorbikes were stolen, the robbers would transport the vehicles to remote areas and sell them. Stolen vehicles are rarely able to recover, even if can be recovered, but also spent a tremendous financial and material resources and manpower. The safe city is rapidly changing this situation. As of the end of 2017,in the operation of the various regions, Safe City has helped the local public security department to crack hundreds of electric vehicles, motorcycle theft cases and involved in criminal cases. Hundreds of stolen vehicles recovered for the public,some of these cases, only hours after the incident, the police recovered the vehicle t...

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  • RFID Based School Student Attendance and Trace Tracking Solution
    RFID Based School Student Attendance and Trace Tracking Solution
    on September 4,2018.

    RFID Based School Student Attendance and Trace Tracking Solution Solution Summary RFID Based School Student Attendance and Trace Tracking Solutions also called as Automated Attendance Monitoring System, Time and Attendance System, RFID Smart Attendance System or Student Tracking Solution. System Architecture Marktrace RFID use 2.4G Directional Reader for school gate entry/exit identify and 2.4G Omni-directional for classroom in-door trace tracking. Each student wears a Active Card Tag with unique ID . When he enter the gate, reader nearby detect tag ID immediately and upload information to server/system.Students don't have to stop in queue, to slide card one by one. The system automatically records all attendance information. System Benefits Ensures complete safety and security of the child. Enable administrators to quickly take real-time attendance Provides robust, secure and automatic attendance/movement management Supply a communication and interactive way from school to home. Main Device MR3102E 2.4G Omni-directional RFID Reader MR3104E 2.4G Directional Reader MR3850T 2.4G Active Card Tag

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