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2.4Ghz Active RFID Tag for Assets Control

2.4GHz vehicle tags are widely used for vehicle tracking and other moving assets tracking outdoors. 
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    300 meters
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    3 years
Product Details

2.4Ghz Active RFID Tag for Assets Control

2.4Ghz Active RFID Tag for Assets Control

1.Suitable to adopt fixed frequency working mode, with powerful anti-inteference ability.

2.Effective reading range up to 80m (depend on reader and antenna software configurable).

3.Ultra-low power consumption average working current< 10UA

4.Active tag, very important part of a RFID system, especially for people tracking and assets management etc
5.Multi-tag reading at the same time(more than 100pcs per second), no limitation or interference by tag quantity in the reading range
6.Inductively coupled with transformer model.


Model No.MR3837C

Physical Feature

Material: ABS

Dimension: 40*40*15mm(with 3M adhesive sticker)

IP grade: IP67

2.4G RF Feature

Sensitive way: Active launch

Time interval: 1s

Signal modulation way: GFSK

Communicate rate: 1Mbit/s

Work frequency: 2.48GHz

Output power: 7dbm

Electric Feature

Average current: <15uA

Battery model no.: CR2450H

Battery capacity: 550mA

Battery life: 3 years

Environment Feature

Work tempt.: -15℃~+45℃

Storage tempt.: -30℃~+65℃


Package: 1 carton=10 boxes=1000PCS

Our Advantage

1.ABS maternal, heat resistant

2.0-80m reading range

3.Easy usage for items tracking
4.Card type water-proof design
5.Continuously testing stability to ensure long stable work under
6.Long communication distance and good performance of anti-collision
7.Strong security and fast reading speed


1.Zone tracking Management  

2.Student attendance system  

3.Commodity flow control and tracking management

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