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RFID Based Employee Attendance And Trace Tracking Solution

November 30,2023.

Solution Summary

The RFID Employee Attendance and Positioning System is a cutting-edge technology that allows employers to efficiently manage their workforce. The system uses Radio Frequency ldentification (RFID) technology to track the attendance and location of employees in real-time. This system ensures accurate employee attendance records and helps emplovers to identify any instances of absenteeism or lateness.
Effective management of employee attendance and location is crucial for any organization to ensure smooth operation and timely completion of tasks. Manual tracking of employee attendance and location can be com-plicated and time-consuming, but with the use of RFID technology, this process can be automated, efficient and highly accurate.

The employee attendance and location management solution rely on RFID technology to automate the tracking of employees' attendance and move-ment within the organization's premises. Each employee is assigned an RFID tag containing unique identification information, allowing them to be precisely located and tracked as they move around the workplace. RFID readers are placed at strategic locations within the premises, making it easy to track employees' entry and exit from specific areas.
The solution also enhances the security of the workplace by enabling real-time monitoring of all employees' movements and detecting unautho rized entry or access to restricted areas. In case of an emergency such as fire outbreak or other hazards, the RFID technology in the employee tags can also serve as an evacuation system, allowing for quick and accurate neadcounts.

System Architecture

Install 2.4G Reader MR7901p at the gate entrance, plaza or other outdoor areas, and instal 2.4G reader MR7902 in eachindoor area or room for tag identification, Such as offices. conference rooms.production workshops. staff dormitories. etc.Every employee must wear a 2.4G active tag HX607.

System Benefits

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