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What functions does RFID technology achieve in enterprise fixed asset management?

September 7,2022.

RFID Asset Management

The fixed assets of enterprises are difficult to manage due to their large number, wide distribution and frequent changes, and have always become a major focus of enterprise management. RFID technology has greatly improved the management of fixed assets. From the time of equipment purchase, the identity of the asset is bound to the RFID electronic label, and the barcode number, name, equipment type, user department, purchase date, price, etc. of the asset are written in the RIFD electronic label. information, and manage the life cycle. The barcode technology needs to be scanned one by one, the inventory efficiency is low, and the barcode is easily contaminated. RFID technology has been widely used in asset management in many industries due to its advantages of long identification distance, strong multi-tag identification ability, fast collection, and not easy to damage.

The advantages of RFID technology in asset management
1. Improve inventory speed
The RFID inventory machine performs rapid inventory, the inventory speed is increased by more than several times, and the inventory report is automatically generated;
2. Keep abreast of asset information
For each asset, the total quantity, location, usage status, user, depreciation amount and other information can be known in a timely manner;
3. Full life cycle management
RFID asset management can carry out the whole life cycle management process of asset addition, allocation, use, inventory, maintenance, and scrapping;
4. Improve management efficiency and reduce error rate
Through the RFID asset management system, the automatic management of assets is realized, the management efficiency is increased by more than half, and the expected application effect is achieved within a certain range;
5. The whereabouts of the assets can be checked
Whenever an asset is applied for use, borrowing, allocation, maintenance, etc., the corresponding operation record will be generated and given to the asset administrator for approval.

How RFID Technology Works
The RFID reader sends out a certain frequency of electromagnetic waves through its antenna. When the RFID electronic tag enters the working range of the antenna, it generates an induced current and is activated, so the stored information is sent out through the internal antenna. The antenna of the writer receives the carrier signal from the RFID tag and transmits it to the passive reader, and the RFID reading and writing device demodulates and decodes the received signal, and sends the processed data to the fixed asset management system.

RFID enterprise fixed asset management operation process
1. Enter the fixed assets into the fixed asset management system, and then print the fixed asset labels through the RFID label printer and paste them on the corresponding fixed assets;
2. Select the inventory range to create an inventory list, and add the assets to be listed to the inventory list;
3. Open the asset inventory tool APP on the RFID handheld terminal to start inventory;
4. Upload the inventory result to the fixed asset management system, and the system will generate an inventory report, and the inventory loss and inventory gain can be seen at a glance.

Features of RFID Asset Management
1. In places where the storage location of fixed assets is relatively cluttered or irregular, the scanning will not be missed, because there is no need to align and scan the codes one by one. All RFID tags within 6 meters can be scanned by holding the Honglu RFID handheld.
2. Hundreds of RFID tags can be identified in one minute. Compared with scanning the codes one by one, the efficiency is greatly improved. Manpower and time are saved, and the accuracy rate is improved.
3. RFID electronic tags also have functions such as anti-theft and displacement alarm, which can realize the supervision of high-value fixed assets and prevent asset loss.

The fixed asset management system based on RFID and information technology monitors enterprise resources by using RFID electronic tags, RFID readers and software. Combined with barcode management technology, each physical asset is given a unique RFID electronic label, and the entire life cycle from the asset purchase company to the asset withdrawal can be tracked and managed for the physical fixed assets. Provide all-round, reliable and efficient dynamic data and decision-making basis for the asset management work of enterprises and institutions, realize the informatization, standardization and standardized management of asset management work, and comprehensively improve the work efficiency and management level of asset management work of enterprises and institutions.

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