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Application of RFID ear tags in farms

August 30,2022.

With the continuous improvement of living standards, high-tech technology is constantly being used in all walks of life. Today, I will mainly explain to you the application of RFID ear tags in farms.

We saw in 2018 that more than 540 million RFID tags were used to identify and track livestock and pets. These figures show the importance of RFID animal tracking and identification. The benefits you will enjoy with RFID animal tracking include ownership verification, biosecurity controls, breeding, health monitoring and medical history.

Regulations and Compliance
You probably know that RFID animal tags are a requirement in many countries. First, the government enacted RFID animal tracking regulations to enhance consumer and animal protection. Second, even unauthorized compliance can prevent and manage disease outbreaks in pasture livestock. Third, the government may require you to use RFID ear tags on livestock. Finally, it's important that you benefit from reducing the time spent tracking and managing disease outbreaks. Without RFID tracking, tracing the source of the outbreak could take months.

Cloud in Hand - Livestock Sheep RFID Tracking
RFID ear tags for RFID animal tracking
RFID animal tracking can significantly reduce the time and cost of farm animal management. Second, ear tags on livestock are permanent for the life of the animal. Plus, your labels can still be read when they're covered in dust and mud. Additionally, your tag can have a human-readable number on it that matches the ID read by the RFID reader. Finally, RFID tags can have QR codes for use with barcode scanners to facilitate certain applications.

Pasture Management
First, RFID tags on livestock can quickly improve the efficiency of pasture management. Second, even without government-mandated tracking, animal identification is critical to your ranch or farm. In addition, the use of RFID tags can improve the counting speed and daily management of animals. Finally, gain a deeper understanding of your livestock, pets and animals' pedigree, medical history and feeding options. Note that you can find a handy keychain-sized mobile RFID reader here.

Shenzhen Marktrace Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development of technology & applications of Internet of Things based on RFID. Based on the technical advantages of its own 2.4G active products, Marktrace RFID has developed and designed a unique 2.4G active animal ear tag on the market. It solves the problems of short communication distance and low recognition rate of passive ear tags on the market. 2.4G animal ear tags can be better used in large pastures and farms. We sincerely look forward to receiving your inquiries!

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