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Application Of Laundry Management Based On RFID Identification Technology

September 16,2022.

RFID laundry management is mainly used in the handover, inventory, washing, ironing, folding, sorting, storage and other processes in the operation. It is more convenient, efficient and transparent to record the washing parameters, times and other information of each piece of clothing.

At present, according to different delivery methods of clothes, it can be roughly divided into the following two inventory methods:

1. Manual clothing inventory

This method is mainly to solve the inventory of small batches of clothes. It is easy to install, compact and flexible, simple to use, and the whole process takes less time. The relative disadvantage is that it cannot meet the cleaning work of large quantities of clothes.

2. Conveyor belt clothing inventory

This method is mainly for the cleaning of large quantities of clothes. The difference from the previous one is that an automatic conveyor belt is added, and the channel is wider to facilitate the passage of large quantities of clothes. At the same time, the inventory is completed through the application of RFID tags and readers. . The advantage is that it is efficient and convenient to solve the cleaning of large quantities of clothes, greatly improving efficiency and reducing operating costs.

The application of RFID identification technology in laundry management has the following advantages:

1. Reduce the number of employees in the same position;

2. Most clothing data is transparent, easy to manage, and reduces clothing loss;

3. It can reduce the working time by 20-25%;

4. Improve the accuracy and reliability of stored information;

5. Efficient and accurate data collection to improve overall efficiency;

6. Automatic collection of distribution, recycling and handover data to reduce human error.

Automatically reading RFID tags through RFID reading and writing equipment can realize dataization, make batch inventory, washing tracking, automatic sorting and other operations more clear and transparent, thereby improving laundry efficiency and further development of the laundry industry.

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