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UHF RFID Signal Propagation Mode

November 4,2022.

RFID technology is located in the perception layer of the Internet of Things, which is the basis of the development of the Internet of Things and the premise of realizing the Internet of Things. Compared with RFID tags of other frequencies, UHF tags are more secure and penetrating. With UHF RFID readers, they can better resist interference and have faster read and write speeds. Therefore, in recent years, its development is more rapid and its application is very extensive. So what are the signal propagation modes of UHF RFID, mainly including linear polarization and circular polarization:


Linear polarization: Electromagnetic waves with a fixed orientation of the electric field vector in space are called linear polarization. Sometimes the ground is used as a parameter, the direction of the electric field vector parallel to the ground is called horizontal polarization, and the direction perpendicular to the ground is called vertical polarization.


Circular polarization: When the angle between the polarization plane of the radio wave and the normal plane of the earth changes from 0 to 360°, that is, the magnitude of the electric field does not change, the direction changes with time, and the trajectory of the end of the electric field vector is perpendicular to the propagation. When the projection of the direction on the plane is a circle, it is called circular polarization.


The circularly polarized antenna can receive radio waves of any polarization, and its radiated waves can also be received by any polarized antenna; the circularly polarized antenna has handed orthogonality; the polarized wave is incident on a symmetrical target (such as plane, spherical, etc.) When the handed direction is reversed, the electromagnetic waves of different handed directions have a larger numerical polarization isolation.


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