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RFID campus card and intelligent management system solution

November 7,2022.

RFID electronic label 

The RFID smart campus management system is mainly composed of RFID electronic tags, face recognition terminals, and RFID readers. As the most advanced identification code at present, RFID electronic tags have the characteristics of non-breakage, reliable data, long service life and long effective communication distance. The tag is used to track and record the unique identification of the target. Access control management for key entrances and exits such as school gates and dormitory buildings, and real-time records of all card-bearing teachers, students and visitors passing through the school gates; those without cards cannot pass.

RFID Campus Management System 

RFID technology promotes smart campuses towards intelligent management and control. Set up an RFID reader at the entrance of the dormitory, and issue a campus card with an RFID tag to each student. The RFID electronic tag stores all the information of the student. Each RFID electronic tag has a unique ID, and the RFID card at the door reads the card. The device can read the RFID electronic tags in the area from a long distance, read the data and upload it to the database. 

RFID tag information writing: Write students' data information to blank RFID radio frequency identification cards; each student's tag card has a unique identification ID, and the various data information stored in the RFID card reader radio frequency identification card, including The student's name, class, Mr., home address and other information can also easily modify the data information in the card.

Our RFID tags 

RFID automatic long-distance identification: The RFID reader at the school gate can read the RFID tags in the students' cards from a long distance when the students are going to school and after school, and can identify 1,000 RFID tags per minute, eliminating the need for traditional manual supervision of students. Showing the card or swiping the card will inevitably lead to omissions and low effectiveness, and will also cause students' disgust. The application of various types of RFID identification can quickly read the tags worn by students, and dozens of students can pass by at the same time, and they can be quickly and accurately identified. When a student leaves the school, the student's information is sent to the parents in the form of SMS through the SMS service platform, and the parents can know the time when the student leaves the school and ensure the safety of the student on the road.

Our RFID Readers 

The smart campus management system based on RFID technology is that each student wears an RFID electronic tag. When the student passes through the RFID reader device to scan the area, the student's RFID electronic tag data is collected and transmitted to the background server through the network. Go to the surrounding cameras and call the surveillance video platform to obtain real-time video signals. The system uses RFID technology to integrate parents, students, monitoring, and intelligent terminals in the overall structure, making campus management move towards intelligence and informatization.

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