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RFID smart campus creates an interactive platform for real-time communication and education information

October 25,2022.

Smart campuses adopting RFID positioning technology, Internet of Things perception and big data technology better make the interaction between students, teachers and campus resources smoother. It provides schools, teachers and students with multi-level and all-round intelligent services; thus realizing the campus model of intelligent service and management, RFID intelligent campus creates an interactive platform for real-time communication and education information.

The campus is dense with talents, and personnel positioning is a very important part of the campus management system. Most of the traditional personnel positioning systems use active card swiping, that is, personnel are required to take the student card and actively swipe the card in front of the card reader. This traditional personnel positioning system exists. Disadvantages in the following aspects:

1. First of all, it is impossible to realize the entry and exit records and attendance inquiry of personnel in each classroom/office during class time, and it is impossible to grasp the whereabouts of teachers and students at any time.
2. For the campus, the number of personnel is very large, especially during the peak hours of get out of class, all students need to queue up to swipe their cards in a short time, which will waste a lot of time;
3. Long queues to swipe cards are a waste of time and inhumane;

In order to solve the above problems, this system is based on RFID technology, combined with automatic control technology, computer technology and wireless communication technology, to provide a feasible, cost-effective, safe and reliable personnel positioning scheme for the logistics management of the campus.

Focusing on campus informatization, realize campus information collection, campus announcements and meeting notices, grade class information management, dormitory management, attendance management, home-school communication and other informatization functions, and timely feedback students' departure and arrival exceptions through text messages , learning, exams, homework, comments, cafeteria recipes and other daily situations, to achieve an educational information interactive platform for school parents to communicate in a convenient and real-time manner.

The school personnel positioning system can not only realize the positioning and monitoring of personnel, in addition, the system can be integrated with other information systems, especially the deep integration with the campus card system, providing students with functions such as book borrowing and on-campus consumption, which is convenient for students in their daily life. While studying and living, we provide schools with advanced and efficient management methods, provide teachers with digital management tools, provide parents with reassuring information support, realize the function of education serving the society, and make smart campuses an integral part of smart cities!

The overall network of the campus RFID personnel positioning system is composed of the RFID security positioning system, which is mainly composed of personnel identification cards (RFID electronic tags), RFID electronic tag issuers, RFID readers, database servers, campus LAN and management terminal software, etc. .

The system sets up active RFID tags at checkpoints such as the campus gate, restaurant entrance, classroom discussion room, etc. to identify the identity, locate and manage all personnel, complete the identification of the personnel entering and leaving the campus, record the commute time, and monitor the personnel in the campus. Real-time collection of entry and exit information of each entrance and exit to realize automatic identification of long-distance identity, management of background system records, alarms, inquiries, information statistics, etc., through further real-time monitoring of personnel within the campus, timely control of personnel distribution, and realization of campus personnel Secure location management.

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