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UHF RFID for vehicle management and warehouse management

August 27,2021.

RFID technology is undergoing a major evolution for the supply chain, identifying advantages such as long-distance, fast, rigid, and large storage, which barcodes cannot match. Because uhf RFID has the characteristics of long-distance, high mobility, speaking, reading, writing, speaking, reading, writing, multiple tags, speaking, reading, writing, etc., it simplifies the complex work process, effectively improves the efficiency of change and the transparency of the supply chain. It is widely used in many fields, the most common ones are vehicle management and warehouse management.

Integrated RFID technology can meet the requirements of modern management informationization, automation and intelligence. Through scientific coding, it is also convenient to manage the batch and validity period of goods or vehicles. It is helpful to improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs, which is very important to the company.

No manual intervention, real-time update. Ensure that the company timely and accurately grasp the real data of cargo inventory or vehicles;
Long-distance reading and writing, fast speed and high efficiency;
Practical functions, convenient operation, and cost reduction;
Real-time, efficient, accurate and faster response speed, reduce false alarms, and improve enterprise management experience.

*Multiple communication methods such as WIFI, RJ45, RS485, GPRS, etc. can be customized

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