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Main advantages of portable RFID readers

August 17,2021.

The latest RFID readers have a compact design and usually have an integrated antenna. In addition, they are powered by batteries. Therefore, they are often used for tasks that require mobility or flexibility. For example, tracking assets in the field. The read data is transmitted to the management software via Bluetooth or Wifi.

Now let's take a look at the advantages of portable RFID readers.
The main advantages of portable RFID readers
1. Easy to carry: Portable RFID readers are designed to be used anytime, anywhere, which is why they are lightweight and battery-powered.

2. Rapid deployment: There are no major deployment requirements for portable RFID readers. These devices are ready for use. Eliminating the need for power and wiring, and achieving rapid implementation with minimal investment, makes these readers ideal for initial RFID deployments and pilots.

3. Flexibility: They can be used in various areas of the entire enterprise to maximize cost efficiency and provide faster return on investment.

4. Easy to use: Many portable readers have key features that make data collection and transmission very easy.

Common areas of portable RFID readers
The mobile reader fully controlled by the user is ideal for on-site reading, especially suitable for small items with tags, such as:

When checking products or target items, searching for serial numbers, assets, and equipment specifications can lead to audit fatigue and possible human error. Using a portable rfid reader, the information can be automatically loaded into the audit software system.

In the library, it is very simple to use a portable reader to identify the books on the wrong shelf, or once the software confirms that an item is still in the bookcase, the portable RFID reader can be used to check the lost books from shelf to shelf, greatly reducing the number of books Search efficiency of managers.

They are ideal for performing maintenance operations (RFID used to manage the product life cycle).
In short, you can now determine which type of reader to deploy to get the most efficiency and value from the RFID implementation within your organization.

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