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Advantages of Industrial RFID Readers

August 31,2021.

With the vigorous development of RFID technology, the use of RFID technology can be seen everywhere in life. RFID technology reads internal data through a special reading device. The radio frequency identification technology used in industrial production uses RFID card readers for each link. The electronic tags of the product are read, and the production process is automatically detected and controlled, so that the company can discover the operating status of the production line and the production line in real time. Then put the return line again until all procedures are completed. It can be widely used in automobile production line manufacturing, workshop production line, various conveyor belt embedding, production line automation management and other links. The following are the advantages of industrial RFID readers in application:

1. Fast reading and writing speed and timely data feedback: automatic production through the production line, timely feedback of production line information, control of the production process, and control of production quality. The reader/writer transmits the production information to the workbench in time, grasps the production situation in real time, and adjusts the production order in time through data feedback information. During production, unqualified products can be found in time, data can be tracked, production information can be tracked, and error rates can be reduced.

2. High protection level: industrial production lines need to meet the IP67 standard (protection safety level), dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof. The shell design should also consider the drop resistance performance. Choose an RFID reader that meets industrial protection. You can choose according to your needs. Make a selection.

3. Flexible configuration and convenient communication: The control system of the industrial field is diversified, the protocols used by various brands of PLC are different, and the communication protocols are changeable. Industrial readers realize flexible conversion between multiple communication protocols.

Industrial manufacturing requires diversified technologies to achieve work tasks in complex environments. Through RFID tags, readers, wireless sensor network products, combined with barcode, PLC and other technologies, materials, work in progress, execution equipment, tooling, etc. Real-time collection of heterogeneous source data, tracking and tracing management of product genealogy, providing basic data for enterprise production and operation control. Through efficient integration with ERP, MES and other systems, the full life cycle management of the product is realized.

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