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Research and Design of Chipless RFID Tag

September 7,2021.

As an emerging automatic identification technology, RFID has the characteristics of small size, large capacity, long life, and reusability. Combined with the Internet, communication and other technologies, RFID can realize the tracking and information sharing of items on a global scale.

With the continuous development of this technology, its application field is expanding day by day. It has become a current hot research field and has a wide range of application prospects. The cost of tags is a major bottleneck in the application and development of RFID technology. Only by reducing the cost of tags can it be widely used. Application. The design and research of chipless RFID tags in UHF band in this article is based on this background. Because there is no microchip and on-chip power supply, chipless RIFD tags greatly reduce the cost. The main content of this article mainly includes the following aspects:

1. First, the composition and working principle of the RFID system are discussed; secondly, the data transmission principle of ordinary passive UHF RFID tags is analyzed. Then, the data encoding method and system of UHF chipless RFID tags are analyzed. working principle.

2. Design a chipless RFID tag based on phase encoding. It is composed of three square microstrip patch antennas, and each antenna is loaded with an open-circuit microstrip transmission line. The three antennas have adjacent resonant frequencies. When the resonant frequency is excited, the backscattered signal with different phase characteristics is reflected back, which completes the phase modulation of the backscattered signal. According to the different phase characteristics of the backscattered signal, each tag can be designed as a unique Change ID.

3. Design a chipless RFID tag based on a multi-stop band spiral filter. It includes a receiving antenna, a multi-stop band filter and a transmitting antenna. The reader transmitter sends a multi-frequency signal to the tag, and the chipless tag The multi-stop band filter changes the signal of a specific frequency.

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