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RFID is a promising technology that can benefit mankind

October 8,2021.

RFID or radio frequency identification is a constantly evolving technology that has entered and penetrated our lives from all aspects. In essence, it is actually an automatic identification system, such as bar codes, smart cards, etc., which help identify different objects. However, due to its advanced and user-friendly features, RFID has advantages over these outdated technologies.

The RFID system consists of specially designed RFID tags, readers, edge servers, middleware and application software. The working principle of the system is to transfer the data stored in the tag to the RFID reader, and then the reader reads and processes the data according to the specifications of the application. The transmitted data can have information about the location of the label, or details about the product being labeled. The system also includes an interrogator, which detects the RFID tag within a certain range, activates it, and receives the response.

RFID tags are used for various purposes in different fields and are mainly divided into three types. The three types are passive, semi-passive or semi-active and active tags. This classification is based on the power supply in the RFID tag. Passive RFID tags do not have their own power source. They use the current induced by radio frequency signals to transmit their response. Therefore, although there is no internal power source, these tags do not require batteries. These labels are small in size, ranging from 2 millimeters to several meters. In addition, they are the cheapest of the three varieties, so they are the most widely used.

The basic function of the RFID reader is to communicate with the RFID tag by transmitting radio waves through its antenna. RFID readers are classified according to their range, such as UHF, HF (13.56 MHz) and microwave (2.45 GHz). UHF RFID Reader base on new generation reader technology platform development which is combine UHF RFID advanced technology and many years reader application base experience. This reader is more stable and can use in various applications

Therefore, RFID is a promising technology that can benefit mankind.

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