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Main Components Of RFID technology

February 22,2021.

RFID tags

RFID tags consist of an integrated circuit (IC) attached to an antenna typically a small coil of wires plus some protective packaging (like a plastic card) as determined by the application requirements.


Antennas are an indispensable element in an RFID system because they transmit data from the RFID tag to the reader. If there is no certain type of RFID antenna (whether integrated or independent), the RFID reader will not be able to send and receive signals to the RFID tag correctly.


The RFID reader is connected to the antenna and receives data from the RFID tag. An active RFID reader is a device that receives radio waves and converts them into digital data on a computer database.

There are two types of readers. There are fixed readers and mobile readers. A fixed reader is usually installed on a wall or other object and stays in one position to read the data stored in the tag. The mobile reader can be installed or carried wherever needed.

Computer database

The RFID system requires a computer database to process the data stored in the tag. The software can program tags, manage equipment and data, remotely monitor and configure hardware.

After understanding the main components of RFID technology, it is not difficult to understand the main functions of RFID tags. Our company has been focusing on the research, innovation and application of IoT smart device technology for more than ten years.We promise to continue to provide you with the highest quality active RFID tags for you!

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