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About active RFID tags

February 4,2021.

Active RFID tags bring huge advantages and features to the industry, which allows us to track items in a way far superior to what passive RFID tags provide.

What is an active RFID tags

Active RFID system consists of reader, active tag and antenna. In addition to RFID tags containing antennas and microchips, active RFID tags have their own power source, which is usually an integrated long-life battery, allowing the tag to continuously transmit data.

What is the shelf life of active RFID tags?

Active RFID tags are usually powered by batteries that are 3 to 5 years old, but when the battery fails, the active tags need to be replaced. The active tags provided by different manufacturers may be slightly different, so the shelf life or life span of active RFID tags is not exactly the same.

Most active RFID tags are responsible for withstanding unfavorable environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures and humidity, which is why they are usually packaged in a rugged enclosure to ensure a long life.

As the market matures, the research on replaceable batteries begins to become a reality, which will save us cost and time. In addition, we understand the frequency of active tags. What frequency of active RFID tags do we often use?

Active systems use two main frequencies: 2.4GHz,433 MHz and 915 MHz.

According to user preferences, label selection or environmental factors usually determine the frequency of use in each application.

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