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Mini desktop short range UHF RFID reader and writer for short range identification

March 2,2021.

Our Mini desktop short range UHF RFID reader based on new generation reader technology platform development, is a miniature desktop reader, a compact, lightweight and portable integrated UHF RFID device, mainly used for short-distance identification, especially in warehouses, manufacturing facilities , Indoors such as distribution centers or libraries. The reader is also equipped with multiple communication interfaces and can use USB ports.

Our Advantage

1.Built-in 3dBi linear polarization antenna

2.Reading range of 3 meters

3.Waterproof & Dust-proof

4.Easy using for vehicle tracking

5. Microwave RFID card reader reaches strong penetrability

6.Long communication distance and anti-collision performance

7.Strong security stability and fast reading speed

Shenzhen Marktrace Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in R&D and production of Mini desktop short range UHF RFID reader. In the past ten years, the company has obtained more than 110 national invention patents and intellectual property rights, and it has business in 52 countries and is trustworthy. If you have any ideas or needs, you can leave a message or contact us by phone.

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