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How to select the RFID reader?

November 17,2021.

There are many types of RFID readers, and the technical capabilities of various manufacturers vary. The selection is a very headache for engineers who do not know much about RFID application scenarios. The following editor will give you a brief explanation of the super high How to select the frequency RFID reader?

1. Type

There are active and passive readers. Active power means battery power supply, and passive battery power supply. First of all, confirm whether the functional scenario you need to implement is an active reader or a passive reader.

Active reader: it can’t work normally at high or low temperature, it needs larger size, heavier and thicker; the price is more expensive, the service life is affected by the battery, and it needs to be replaced regularly

Passive reader: It works wirelessly, and can work normally at high and low temperatures. It has a small size, light and thin, easy to install, and lower cost than active. The label can prevent unauthorized removal, but the read-write distance is shorter than the active one.

2. Frequency band

According to the scene you use, you can confirm what frequency rfid reader is needed.

low-frequency reader: in robots, AGV trolleys, animal and plant management

High-frequency readers: library management, smart restaurants, anti-counterfeiting and traceability applications.

UHF reader: applications in such places as terminal containers, license plate anti-counterfeiting, warehouse management, asset management, etc.

3. Reading distance

Low frequency reader: ≤60cm

High frequency reader: ≤1m

UHF Reader: 0-20m

In addition, the specific applicable model should be selected according to the environment of the use site, whether there is obstruction, the size of the electronic tag, the power of the reader and the communication interface, etc. For more details, please visit

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