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Common 2.4GHz RFID Readers application

November 12,2021.

Ultra-high radio frequency identification (usually abbreviated as UHF RFID) is an increasingly popular technology in asset management applications. UHF is one of the fastest-growing RFID technologies, including active and passive UHF RFID, fixed or portable tag readers, traditional PDAs and modern smart devices.

How UHF RFID tag readers and passive RFID tags can help you simplify key business processes. The most obvious and relevant difference between fixed and portable UHF tag readers is that the former is static, while the latter can be used anywhere and anytime like a standard PDA or mobile tablet. The fixed system continuously collects data in real time and provides an always-on function with automatic asset detection function within a given range. In contrast, handheld UHF tag readers are designed for ease of transportation and accuracy in the field.

The handheld UHF tag reader adopts the most cutting-edge ease of use and practicality, ergonomic design, and can be operated with one hand, even without taking off gloves. Easy operation in any weather conditions.

To truly achieve site-wide asset tracking, it is best to consider a combination of fixed and mobile UHF asset tracking solutions.

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