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Enterprise-level fixed asset management program

December 9,2021.

Companies invest a lot of money each year to purchase various assets, but as time goes by, it is difficult to know in a timely and clear manner how many assets the unit and its affiliated institutions own, which departments they are distributed in, where they are stored, who are using them, and what their conditions are. In addition, the utilization efficiency of fixed assets is low, and the phenomenon of repeated purchases is serious.

When an employee resigns or changes his job, the transfer of assets is incomplete, and it is often impossible to quickly and completely find out the assets held by the person, resulting in the loss of assets. The person in charge is not clear, the workload of verification and inventory is large, and the error rate is high, which brings a lot of work problems and errors to the asset management department. There are often phenomena such as inconsistencies in the accounts and the large discrepancies between the book value and the actual value. Traditional asset management is difficult to achieve and adapt to the upgrade of enterprise digital management.

The current status of asset management

  • Traditional means
Traditional bar codes are easily damaged and cannot fully satisfy their applications.

  • Manual inventory
Work efficiency is low and error-prone, there is a false report inventory situation, the label is separated from the actual product

  • Insufficient information
Insufficient application of asset management information, still relying on traditional manual input, low efficiency

  • Chaotic management
Information statistics on the classification, standards, suppliers, models of fixed assets are confused; it is difficult to make statistics on usage status, allocation, scrap, etc.

Fixed asset management system
  • Solve the problems of equipment and other fixed asset management through the empowerment of RFID and other Internet of Things technologies

  • The system quickly and automatically counts, and pushes the abnormal information of the count to the management department and the responsible person, improves the accuracy of the account and reality, saves the count time, and releases the manpower.

  • Solve the problem that frequently moving equipment is difficult to find. Take out the use area for unauthorized equipment and generate an alarm, effectively solving equipment safety problems

  • When new equipment purchase requirements are proposed, the rationality of the application can be evaluated based on the efficiency of similar products, and the system will give suggestions for internal adjustments

  • Establish life cycle ledger, asset low battery alarm

  • Digitalization of enterprise fixed asset management to realize the visualization of assets

Solution and system composition

Focusing on the needs of enterprise group equipment and fixed asset management, a plan that fits the actual scene of enterprise group asset management.

Hardware and Parameters

Sensitive label
Dimensions 42.0 ╳ 18.0 ╳ 8.5mm
Built-in lithium battery, 5 years service life
Light sensor disassembly warning
A 3D gyroscope can be added to detect antenna tilt problems

Lanyard label
Dimensions 55.5 ╳ 19.0 ╳ 8.5mm
2.4G ISM frequency band long-distance recognition
Built-in lithium battery, 5 years service life
Lanyard removal warning

Outdoor reader
Dimensions 230 ╳ 106 ╳ 106mm
Support 4G/5G wireless transmission
Support remote management, high maintenance efficiency
Detect outdoor environment temperature and humidity

Indoor reader
Dimensions 110 ╳ 92 ╳ 92mm
Ceiling installation, omnidirectional antenna
2.4G maximum recognition distance of 80 meters (indoor)
Support RS232, network port and other communication interfaces
Current monitoring tags
Current monitoring tags
Size: 55 ╳ 35 ╳ 35mm
Plug/socket standard: (national standard) GB 2099.1–2008 and GB 1002–2008 three-pin plug/socket
Measurement accuracy: 0A to 2A, deviation ±5mA; 2A to 10A, deviation ±10mA
(Can be expanded to detect large current monitoring <100A)
Integrated physical tamper function

Asset inventory handheld
Size: 170 ╳ 85 ╳ 23±2mm
Color screen: 5.0 inch 720 ╳ 1280 (Gorilla glass screen)
Communication: Mobile/Unicom 4G, 3G, 2G free switching
Network: WiFi, Bluetooth
(The only three-in-one function in the industry) Compatible: 2.45GHz, 800/900MHz

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