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How does an RFID asset tracking system work?

May 11,2023.

An RFID asset tracking system works by using RFID ABS asset tags to uniquely identify and track assets. The RFID tag contains a small microchip and antenna that can be attached to the asset. The system includes an RFID reader that sends out a radio frequency signal that activates the RFID tag. The tag responds with a unique identifier that is captured by the reader, which then sends the data to a central database or software system.

The database or software system stores information about each asset, including its location, status, and other relevant data. It can also include information about maintenance schedules, warranties, and other details.

The system can be set up to track assets in real-time, by setting up multiple RFID readers throughout a facility or using handheld RFID scanners to track assets as they move around. The system can also set up alerts or notifications for when an asset has been moved or is out of range.

Overall, an RFID asset tracking system provides an efficient way to manage and monitor assets, resulting in improved inventory accuracy, increased efficiency, and reduced costs. It can be used in various industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing.

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