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How to improve the recognition accuracy of long ragne RFID tags

April 24,2023.

The identification of long range RFID tags is one of the most important links in the application of radio frequency technology. In the actual application process, due to the influence of the environment, objects, equipment and other factors, there will be problems in the reading distance, positioning accuracy and reading speed of the tag. In order to ensure the stable operation of the RFID system, some measures need to be taken to improve the recognition accuracy of long range RFID tags.

Choose the appropriate label:
Different types of labels are suitable for different scenarios. When selecting tags, parameters such as tag size, reading distance, and temperature resistance need to be considered. At the same time, factors such as the way the label is pasted, the distance and angle between the label and the item also need to be considered.

Reasonable layout:
In practical applications, readers and antennas need to be arranged reasonably to maximize the reading distance and positioning accuracy of tags. In large-area applications, it is necessary to consider how to layout antennas and readers reasonably to achieve the best recognition effect.

Optimize reader parameters:
The parameter setting of the reader will directly affect the recognition effect of the tag. In practical applications, parameters such as the power, reading speed, and antenna orientation of the reader need to be adjusted according to specific scenarios and requirements to improve the identification accuracy of tags.

Reduce signal interference:
Signal interference is one of the main factors affecting the accuracy of tag identification. In practical applications, some measures need to be taken, such as avoiding conflicts with other wireless devices, optimizing antenna layout, and using anti-jamming algorithms to reduce the impact of signal interference on tag identification.

Install real-time monitoring system:
In practical applications, installing a real-time monitoring system can help monitor the operating status of the RFID system and the use of tags, find problems in time and deal with them, and improve the stability and reliability of the system.

The recognition accuracy of long range RFID tags is one of the keys to the normal operation of RFID systems. Through measures such as appropriate label selection, reasonable layout, optimization of reader parameters, reduction of signal interference, and installation of a real-time monitoring system, the accuracy of label identification can be improved and the stable operation of the RFID system can be ensured. Learn more about RFID tags  and long range active rfid tag at Great prices and service,shop with confidence!

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