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Functional application of 2.4GHz RFID readers

March 28,2022.

2.4GHz RFID Readers are currently very practical in the market, which is determined by its functions. Its main functions are as follows:

① Realize the communication with the electronic tag: the most common is to read the tag. This function requires a reliable software algorithm to ensure safety and reliability. In addition to reading, sometimes it is necessary to write the label, so that the label can be mass-produced, and the user can write the label according to their own needs.

② Supplying energy to the tag: The range that the 2.4GHz RFID Readers radio frequency field can reach is mainly determined by the size of the antenna and the output power of the reader.

③ Realize the communication with the computer network: This function is also very important, 2.4GHz RFID Readers can use some interfaces to realize the communication with the upper computer, and can provide some necessary information to the upper computer.

④ Realize multi-tag identification: 2.4GHz RFID Readers can correctly identify multiple tags within its working range.

⑤Realize moving target recognition: 2.4GHz RFID Readers can not only identify stationary objects, but also moving objects.

⑥ Realize error message prompts: 2.4GHz RFID Readers can issue some prompts for some errors generated in the identification process.

⑦ For active tags, 2.4GHz RFID Readers can read the battery information of active tags: such as total battery power, remaining power, etc.

Currently 2.4GHz RFID readers are widely used in school security attendance, asset tracking, vehicle management and livestock tracking. Since 2004, we have been committed to the research and development of RFID-based IoT technology and applications, focusing on the research, innovation and application of IoT smart device technology. If you are interested in our services and products, please contact us now!

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