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Classification of Radio Frequency Identification Technology

March 31,2022.

We all know about radio frequency identification technology, so do you know its classification? Let us take a look at his classification today to help us better choose RFID products suitable for us in the future. Radio frequency identification technology can be divided into three types according to the power source classification of related products, passive RFID, active RFID and semi-active RFID.

1. Passive RFID

Among the listed categories, unpowered RFID is the first to appear, so relatively speaking, it involves the most fields and the most mature technology. In this type of products, the information exchange is mainly to receive the signal transmitted from the RFID reader through the electronic tag, and obtain energy in the electromagnetic induction coil to realize its own power supply. Because unpowered RFID products do not need an external power supply, the requirements for the size of the product are not very high, and their structure is relatively simple, and the cost and failure rate are very low.

2. Active RFID

Although this category has only emerged in recent years, it plays a central role in ETC highway tolling. This type of product is mainly powered by an external power supply and actively transmits signals to the RFID reader, so the product is relatively large. A typical active RFID tag can establish contact with an RFID reader at a distance of 100 meters, and the read rate can reach 1,700read/sec. Active RFID electronic tags can establish contact with 900MHz RFID readers, 2.4GHz RFID readers, and 5.8GHz RFID readers.

3. Semi-active RFID

This type of product is a product between the above two types of products, also known as low-frequency activation trigger technology. Under normal circumstances, the semi-active RFID is in a dormant state, and only the part of the tag that holds the data is powered, so it consumes less energy and can last for a long time. The working principle of semi-active RFID is to use low-frequency signals to accurately locate, and then use high-frequency signals to quickly transmit data. Its usual application scenario is: in a large range that a high-frequency signal can cover, multiple low-frequency readers are placed at different positions to activate semi-active RFID products. This not only completes the positioning, but also realizes the collection and transmission of information.

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