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Analysis of UHF RFID Access Control Management System

March 14,2022.

As a new type of modern security management system, the access control system integrates automatic identification technology and computer control information management measures, involving electronics, machinery, optics, computer technology, communication technology, biotechnology and many other technologies. With the development of automatic identification technology, UHF RFID access control management system has become the main component of security system, widely used in industrial automation, commercial automation, transportation control management and many other fields. The access control system based on RFID technology is the development direction of the future access control system construction.

The personnel access control and attendance management system integrates various technologies such as ultra-high frequency RFID technology, image recognition technology, network technology, and video capture technology to realize the integration of enterprise employee access control, attendance, and digital management. The system has the function of intelligent photo comparison. The system captures and stores the images of personnel swiping cards through image acquisition equipment and compares them with the photos in the system database, successfully eliminating the phenomenon of employees swiping cards on their behalf, providing the most reliable data support for enterprises to reasonably manage attendance, and maximizing enterprise access security supervision strength.

UHF RFID access control management system consists of access control machine (integrated with reader and controller), identification card, computer and electromagnetic lock. Generally, there are two forms of access control systems. One is that when employees pass the access control system, they only need to point the card (UHF electronic tags ) they wear on the body to the infrared rays of the access control machine, and the door will automatically open. The other is the UHF RFID UHF long-distance access control management system. By installing UHF RFID Reader and UHF electronic tags worn by employees, the door can be opened and closed, and identification can be identified during the entire process of passing. The reading of the card is completely intelligent and automatic, without the need for workers to operate, saving time. The cost of the second type of UHF RFID access control management system is higher, and the choice of these two forms depends on the specific needs of the enterprise.

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