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Different RFID tags and its applications

December 4,2020.

Nowadays, the application of rfid technology is becoming more and more extensive. RFID technology has provided convenience and efficiency management in various fields.

eg.1: RFID temperature sensor tag

RFID temperature sensor tag is an easy to use, sturdy and durable tag, its performance is better than other traditional temperature sensor tags.

RFID temperature sensing and monitoring tags are used in various applications. They can send temperature data to an RFID reader and provide trigger information to warn users when there may be unsafe conditions. For example, when the RFID temperature sensor tag is applied, if it is too close to an unacceptable temperature level, it will send an alarm signal. RFID temperature sensor tag is an excellent solution to the problem of system monitoring process.

eg.2: Current Monitoring RFID Tag

2.4G current monitoring RFID tags, the active RFID Tags supports long range reading are very suitable for information asset management of electrical equipment. This popular RFID tag uses a combination of RFID technology and current measurement technology. It can be used not only for electrical equipment inventory check, but also for real-time control of working status and capacity utilization control. This Current Monitoring RFID Tag has two male and female input/output power plugs, which can be well fixed on the device to control the current of the device in real time.

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