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Solve the reading problem of short range integrated reader?

November 26,2020.

RFID UHF Short Range Integrated Reader is a new generation of readers, choose the best short-range UHF RFID System, fast and accurate reading, with multiple communication interfaces, more stable and faster to use.

RFID UHF Short Range Integrated Reader

What should I do if I encounter trouble while using RFID UHF Short Range Integrated Reader? you should always thoroughly test, make any necessary adjustments, and then retest.

6 Factors that Affect RFID Read Range

- Antenna Gain

- Antenna Polarization

- Reader Settings

- Size/Orientation/Angle/Placement

- Cable Length, Multiplexers, and Adapters

- Environmental Factors

The specific debugging and problem solving solutions need to be determined according to the actual use situation. For more product information, please pay attention to our website.

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