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Key Features And Functions Of UHF Rfid Reader

December 8,2020.

A UHF RFID reader is a device using an Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) range, between 840 MHz and 960 MHz. Its extended read range compared to HF NFC readers enables one reader to interact with many tags at the same time, at a very high speed, within distances of tens of meters.

Key Features of uhf long range rfid reader:

& High performance, easy installation

& Built-in 12 dBi antenna ensures long range reading

& Provides all kinds of communication interfaces

& Waterproof and sunshine defending, idea for outdoor applications

Functional Description Of UHF RFID reader:

1. ISO18000-6C / EPC G2 Tag operation

Reader Support ISO18000-6C, EPC G2 tag, It support Multi tag query, read, write, selection, Single tag read, write, lock, kill

2. Working Parameter Setting

User can set the parameter of interface, IP address, Jump Frequency point, output power, reading indication, working mode etc; When in Timing or Trigger mode, can set the parameter of reading card type, read area, address, length, output method, output interface

3. Communication Function

Support Ethernet, RS232 and RS485 both-way communication interface, protocol compliant to《UHF RFID reader and PC communication protocol V2.0》;Also reader support Weigand single way data transmission interface, format compliant to Wiegand 26 and Wigand 34 interface protocol

4. Off-line working mode

Support timing read or trigger read working mode,all tags in query area can be read according to set address and length,read data direct output. Read data can selected for filtering same tag. Output data interface can be any one of interface or multiple interface,meanwhile can configure relay

5. Maintain and update functions

Support web network server function, can set working parameter on Web page, reader also support Serial port and RJ45 port upgrade in the application firmware

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