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Application of RFID tags in the field of medicine

March 10,2022.

Medicine is a special kind of product. Except for some medicines that focus on health care and nutrition, the main function of medicine is to cure diseases and save people. The price of some medicines is too high, it is a product that has to be consumed, and it is for this reason that some people will produce counterfeit medicines under the lure of huge profits. These counterfeit drugs are not only the natural enemies of drug manufacturers, but also make consumers more worried when buying drugs. So, what anti-counterfeiting methods should we adopt to better prevent the existence of counterfeit drugs? How to identify them better and faster? What about the authenticity of these drugs? RFID electronic tags are one of them.

RFID electronic tags have the technical characteristics of large storage capacity, fast transmission speed, non-counterfeiting, and concurrent identification. We can consider using RFID technology to optimize the production, circulation, and sales of the entire pharmaceutical product. Accurate information flow can be obtained in real time, and at the same time, the monitoring in the circulation process can be increased and improved to effectively realize anti-counterfeiting and prevent counterfeit medicines from entering the market.

Integrating RFID temperature tag technology with GPS technology and cold chain information system, the cargo temperature record data will be automatically uploaded to the temperature control data information platform after being read during transportation. Customers can download the corresponding record data from the Internet at any time. In this way, in-transit information query, real-time temperature monitoring and geographic location tracking can be realized, which will also fill the gap of temperature control in cold chain transportation.

The quality of drugs is related to people's health, and the quality of drug packaging directly affects the quality of drugs. Among them, drug labels reveal important information, and drug packaging companies should make full use of the role of drug labels for drug quality. Escort. "Smart labels" will effectively solve problems such as drug cold chain monitoring, and will take the lead in leading drugs into the era of smart packaging. The label can monitor the storage, transportation and storage temperature of food and medicines in real time, visually and accurately, to ensure the quality and safety of food and medicines. The monitoring range of the label is -10°C to 70°C, which basically meets the vaccine transportation standards of the World Health Organization and UNICEF (maintain the temperature from -5°C to 43°C within 48 hours), and has low cost, safe and convenient, and intuitive display. , strong compatibility and wide application.

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