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UHF RFID Active 2.4G Directional Reader for Schools and Businesses

March 4,2022.

2.4G directional readers are specially designed for inventory management, and are widely used in many schools and enterprise management. With an ultra-long read and write distance of up to 200m, it is perfectly used in school and enterprise supply chain management, improving inventory tracking and management efficiency, built-in 15dbi antenna, integrated RS-232, RS-485, USB, Wiegand26/34/42/50, RJ45 interface.

Main applications of our UHF RFID Active 2.4G Directional Reader

* Access control, conference registration

* Smart parking management.

* Logistics and digital warehouse management.

* Industrial production process control system.

* Attendance System

* Student management

* Automatic identification and tracking of important people or objects

* Tracking, positioning and inspection of personnel in coal mines, etc.

We also have different kinds of UHF RFID devices such as uhf rfid reader modules, fixed passive uhf rfid readers, uhf rfid handheld readers, uhf rfid anti-metal tags, etc. If anything meets your needs, feel free to contact us for a data sheet, catalog or price. Hope we can help you and provide you with the best products and solutions.

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