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2.4G Ultra-long Range Integrated Reader

2.4G Ultra-long Range Integrated Reader, collects RFID tag signals in real time, with long communication distance and good anti-collision performance.
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Product Details

2.4G Ultra-long Range Integrated Reader

Key Features:

MR7901P 2.4G ultra-long range integrated reader widely used in IOT market for data collecting purpose. With excellent RFID technology collecting RFID tag signal in real time, positioning of people, vehicles and items with the location information of the base station itself.
1.2.4GHz ISM open band, comply with wireless management regulations
2.Dual-polarized directional antenna for directional reading up to 400 meters.
3.The four antennas correspond to four directions,determine the orientation of the RFID tags.
4.Power failure alarm. Built-in power failure buffer power supply can report power failure information in time.
5.Device management such as parameter configuration and remote upgrade via TCP/IP and GPRS.
6.Bluetooth BLE4.0 wireless connection for device parameter configuration.
7.High reliability: rainproof, lightning protection, against typhoon.
Applications Type: location data collection, visitor management, asset/personnel location data collection, personnel attendance, outdoor tracking management




Identify type

4 antenna inside, can use as omnidirectional and directional both.

Signal modulation mode          


Traffic rate


Working frequency


Lateral tension (wind-proof)

20N (Typhoon level 12)

Lightning protection level


Antenna gain

12dBi Dual polarization directional antenna

MAX receive sensitivity


Reading range

MAX 400m (based on tag type)




ABS, high temperature resistant, white color



Input voltage


Net weight


Power consumption


Power adaptor

9V 3A

Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Transfer method

4G and TCP/IP

4G capabilities

Based on country


1. Personnel identification and tracking, especially in large airports, parks, cities and other large open areas.

2. Attendance management of campus and factory.

3. Animal husbandry industry, vessel identification and construction site asset supervision, etc.


2.4G Ultra-long Range Integrated Reader

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