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Why should you choosing our UHF RFID long range reader

November 13,2020.

Our UHF RFID long range reader has been favored by many domestic and foreign customers.

If you want to buy UHF RFID long range reader, or want to wholesale and customize UHF RFID long range reader products in large quantities, now come to understand our UHF RFID long range reader products and advantages.

Products name: RFID UHF Long Range Integrated Reader


UHF RFID long range reader MR6211E base on new generation reader technology platform development which is combine UHF RFID advanced technology and many years reader application base experience. This UHF RFID long range reader is more stable and can use in various applications.
It is supported RFID Tag Protocols. EPC Class1 Gen 2. ISO 18000-6C.

Why should you choosing our UHF RFID long range reader?

The advantage of MR6211E:
1.12 meters reading range with standard PVC card tag (IC Alien H3) on lab testing
2.Built-in 12dBi linear polarization antenna
3.Integrated design,Waterproof and sunshine defending, idea for outdoor applications
4.Easy usage for items tracking. Often used for car parking lot, ETC ( Electronic Toll Collection), Safe City system and vehicle tracking system
5.Microwave RFID card reader, reaches stronger penetrability
6.High stability
7.Long communication distance and anti-collision performance
8.All kinds of communication interfaces: Multi-interface like TCP/IP, Wiegand, RS232, RS485 and GPIO, easy used to many real application projects
9.High performance, easy installation

UHF RFID long range reader

For more information about the UHF RFID long range reader MR6211E, like feature, application, etc., you can read through this link:

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