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What are the advantages of 2.4G omnidirectional RFID reader?

November 3,2020.

2.4G Omni-directional RFID reader is suitable for long-distance,fast identification occasions with special requirements,can identify multiple active tags at the same time.It mainly operates at 2.4 GHz through an external 2dBi omnidirectional antenna.

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2.4G Omni-directional RFID reader has a sturdy and durable shell,adopting double polarization design and dual high performance RF transceiver chips,which has strong security,strong stability,fast reading speed,strong penetrating power,and long communication distance.

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It is an important part of a system and easy to build structure as Server/ Master mode. The reading distance can also be automatically adjusted or adjusted.

Omni-directional RFID reader is mostly used in access control, roaming management, student attendance, personnel tracking and access Manage and mine applications.

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