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Why choose RFID animal ear tags as a management method?

February 11,2022.

Food safety and health has always been one of the most concerned issues for consumers. We consume livestock and meat products every day, and meat safety has become the focus of attention. In this regard, we should trace the source back to the breeding center, the provider who manages the livestock. At present, with the continuous enrichment of management methods, scientific and intelligent, the breeding center is also updating the breeding management system.

RFID animal ear tags, as the front-end individuals in the entire management system, the best means of recording and collecting livestock breeding information, will definitely be adopted on a large scale. The country can track and monitor the entire process of animals from birth, slaughter, sales, consumers, and final consumers through the identification function of electronic ear tags.

Let's take a look at the functions of RFID animal ear tags:

1. Conducive to safe production
RFID animal ear tags are used to identify a large number of livestock in all aspects and manage them in detail. Through animal ear tags, breeding enterprises can find hidden dangers in time, track livestock information, and promptly take corresponding control measures for problems that arise. , to ensure safe production.

2. Conducive to the control of animal diseases
RFID animal ear tags can manage the ear number of each animal along with its breed, source, production performance, immune status, health status, animal owner and other information. Once an epidemic and animal product quality problems occur, its source can be traced , to distinguish responsibilities, plug loopholes, so as to achieve scientific and institutionalized animal husbandry, improve the level of animal husbandry management.

3. Improve the management level of farms
In livestock and poultry management, due to the uniqueness of RFID tags, after each pig is marked with ear tags to realize the unique identification of individual pigs, the material management and immune management of individual pigs can be realized by reading and writing with hand-held devices. , disease management, death management, weighing management, medication management, slaughter records and other daily information management.

4. Facilitate government supervision
It is convenient for the government to supervise the safety of livestock products and ensure that people eat healthy pork. The data recorded in the ear tag can be identified and queried in all links, and there is no forgery or fraudulent use.

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