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Advantages of RFID Management of Fixed Assets

January 11,2022.

Based on RFID technology, asset data can be stored in tags or systems as needed to achieve full life cycle management of asset purchase, use, maintenance, inventory, and scrapping, and real-time monitoring and management of important assets. Make the accounts and accounts consistent, and the accounts and materials are consistent, greatly improving the efficiency of asset inventory and asset utilization.

Long life, reusable: RFID tags are maintenance-free, have long life, are not afraid of pollution, and can be reused.

Fast identification speed: RFID fixed asset management system has fast identification, large quantity and long distance, which can realize rapid inventory and statistics.

The asset status can be grasped at any time: the enterprise can grasp the equipment asset status in real time, and can reasonably allocate the assets and realize the equipment asset tracking.

Improve data accuracy: Use handheld terminals to count assets and export reports to improve data accuracy and ease of operation in an all-round way.

Management advantage

1. RFID tags can realize operations such as asset procurement, storage, use, return, change, inventory, and disposal, making asset management more systematic.

2. The status of each time node of the asset is mastered, the recording operation of each link of the asset can be understood at any time, and the entire life history of the asset can be seen at a glance.

3. Quickly and remotely identify numerous assets, realize quick inventory and statistics, and grasp asset trends in real time.

4. It can provide reminders for expired assets, expiration reminders for borrowing and returning time, and reminders for inventory online and offline.

5. Provide data statistics in multiple dimensions to help enterprises understand asset distribution at any time and make asset statistics simpler.

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