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What problems can RFID smart warehousing help you solve?

November 16,2022.

What problems can RFID smart warehousing help you solve?

Active rfid Tag

Improve efficiency and reduce labor costs

Utilize the characteristics of rapid identification of RFID technology in the process of warehousing, warehousing, and inventory, improve the efficiency of warehouse core business management, and save labor costs at the same time.

Fine management
Improve business management, avoid manual collection errors, improve the accuracy of business processing and management precision, and meet the needs of lean management of enterprises.

Cut costs
Improve resource utilization, reduce operational complexity, improve response speed to customers, and reduce overall operating costs.

Precise positioning management of warehouse location, comprehensive monitoring of status
Each product is attached with a unique coded active rfid tag, and the inventory in the warehouse is carried out through RFID equipment, which not only comprehensively controls product information, but also accurately locates the product location, makes full use of the limited warehouse space, and improves the utilization efficiency of the warehouse.

Low-cost and high-efficiency collection of information in all links of storage and storage
1. Inbound data collection: In view of the uniqueness of RFID tags and the group reading function of RFID equipment, the collection of inbound data becomes more accurate and efficient, and the simple operation process can reduce labor costs.

2. Inventory data in the warehouse: count and scan products in batches, collect and review the data, and ensure the accuracy of the data again.

3. Outbound data collection: The products are packaged and checked when outbound, and the RFID equipment only needs to be invested once, and can be used in multiple links in the warehouse, which greatly increases the utilization rate of the equipment.

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