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What fields can RFID technology be applied to?

March 21,2023.

What is the use of RFID electronic tags? How to use RFID electronic tags? What benefits can RFID electronic tags bring? RFID electronic tags have been widely used in our lives. Briefly introduce how to use RFID electronic tags in industries where RFID electronic tags are widely used.
As a data carrier, RFID electronic tags can play a role in identification, item tracking, and information collection. RFID electronic tags have been applied in many fields, and are currently mainly used in the following industries:

1. Anti counterfeiting: Each product has a unique RFID electronic label that records all information about the product from the source manufacturer to the sales terminal. Through scanning, a detailed information record is generated.

2. Production line management: RFID electronic labels can conveniently and accurately record process information and process operation information on the production line, meeting the needs of flexible production. The traceability of production can be fully realized by recording the labor number, time, operation, and quality inspection results. It can also avoid errors caused by handwriting and visual information in the production environment.

3. Warehouse management: RFID electronic tags can effectively solve the information management of warehouse goods. It can understand the location and storage of goods in real time. It plays an important role in improving storage efficiency and guiding production.

4. Valuable Items Management: Used for theft prevention, settlement, and after-sales guarantee of valuable items such as cameras, video cameras, portable computers, CD players, and jewelry. RFID tags are attached or built into the packaging of the item. A dedicated shelf scanner will scan the goods in real time to obtain real-time cargo records.

5. Book management, rental product management: By affixing electronic labels to books, it is convenient to receive book information, and it is not necessary to move books when sorting them. This can improve work efficiency and avoid work errors.

In addition to the above fields, RFID electronic tags have been used in many other fields, such as the Internet of Things, sports and sports, and aviation package management.

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