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RFID technology enters life and changes life

March 13,2023.

RFID wireless radio frequency technology sounds like a tall thing, a high-tech product. In fact, in our lives, we are all in touch and application all the time, but we just don’t pay attention to it. In the following examples, I believe everyone has been in contact with it more or less:

1. First of all, every adult has a second-generation ID card, which uses RFID radio frequency technology. When buying a bus ticket, staying in a hotel, or swiping the card when flying, the identity authentication is completed. Isn't it very convenient?
2. Now many libraries adopt the self-service borrowing and returning system of RFID radio frequency technology. When borrowing books, a large number of books are placed on the self-service borrowing table, and the registration of borrowing books is completed, and returning books is also convenient.

3. Now in Decathlon, Heilan House, Uniqlo, etc., many garments are embedded with RFID electronic tags. In terms of self-service settlement, or business inventory, etc., RFID electronic tags play a great role. There are also unmanned convenience stores that have become popular recently. They also use the electronic tags of RFID radio frequency technology to realize self-service settlement and anti-theft.

4. Now in many jewelry stores, RFID electronic tags are used, which play a great role in warehouse management and inventory management. It also improves customer experience.
5. Now there are many NFC headsets, speakers, routers, etc., allowing users to quickly connect to these digital products through mobile phones. NFC electronic tags using RFID radio frequency technology. Is it a good experience.

6. Now in many first-tier cities, everyone takes buses, subways, and now shared bicycles. Everyone pays by swiping their mobile phones.

7. 2.4GHz Active RFID Tags supports long range reading, widely used for area location. Card type wireless 2.4G active RFID tag has strong anti-interference ability, effective reading distance can reach 80m, no limitation or interference by tag quantity in the reading range.

Of course, there are many smart cards that use RFID radio frequency technology when you go home to swipe the access control, go to work and check on work attendance...

So in our daily life, in fact, we often come into contact with these technologies.

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