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Technology "Core" Achieves Smart School Uniforms, Making School Uniforms Full Of Wisdom

December 28,2022.

Right now, the Internet of Things is having an impact on the little things in our lives that we tend to overlook, like school uniforms for students, smart homes. A few decades ago, I am afraid that most people could not believe that they could use voice conversations to wake up their home appliances when they returned home, just as many people may not realize that students' small school uniforms are also becoming intelligent.


As early as 2013, Shenzhen school uniforms were exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London. The introduction of the exhibition stated: "In Shenzhen, China, local middle school students wear this school uniform every day. It is practical and comfortable. Many students still wear it after graduation. In this rapidly industrialized city, this standardized clothing design created an unofficial identity. School uniforms became part of Chinese popular culture, and even became elements of animation and toys.”


In the production process of ordinary non-intelligent school uniforms, most of the production modes are mainly based on the stick production mode or the one-piece flow production mode. However, the biggest disadvantage of this type of assembly line mode is that there is often a backlog of semi-finished products in a certain process. If the process is complicated and there are many production links, this phenomenon will be more serious, and the result will be to weaken the management personnel's prediction and control of the production cycle. and adaptability. The application of RFID technology solutions provides production managers with "real-time data" of any process link in the production line, helping the factory realize the automation and information integration of the semi-finished process and the measurement of the finished process in the production process. With the combination of systems, the management can monitor and manage the entire production process, see the execution and completion of each process, and the backlog in real time, so as to judge whether there is a bottleneck in the process, so as to make rapid and corresponding adjustments, and balance each production line in real time. Reduce product inventory and maximize production efficiency.


When students put on school uniforms and enter the campus, the application of RFID technology is another scene. When students wear smart school uniforms and pass through the RFID access door, the RFID signal receiving device will quickly read the student attendance information, combined with the face recognition camera to realize non-sense attendance. At the same time, the information of when students enter and leave school will also be recorded in the system, which will be actively pushed to parents and teachers to achieve the purpose of attendance. Smart school uniforms can create an exclusive logo for each student. Parents can identify the school uniform holder at a glance only through the NFC of the mobile phone, which is convenient for finding lost school uniforms and confusing time zone identification. When a student has an emergency such as coma or fainting, the RFID data storage chip in the smart school uniform can quickly understand the student's medical history, medication and other information, which is convenient for immediate rescue and treatment, and has the function of medical assistance.


It is understood that the intelligent management chip sewn into the school uniform is about five centimeters long and two centimeters wide. The chip has no power supply, so there is no radiation; it is hidden in the clothes, and the activities are not restricted; the clothes can be washed normally ,It does not affect the use of. Smart school uniforms use modern technologies such as RFID technology and the Internet to enable multiple students to enter and exit the campus at the same time wearing school uniforms, without any sense of attendance, and to realize the remote supervision of parents on their children's entry and exit from the campus.


A simple school uniform can extend countless intelligent functions, and this is not just talk on paper. Judging from the current technological development, many of the future world life we imagined before are waving to us not far away.

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