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Global UHF RFID Industry Market Analysis

January 6,2023.

Overview of the UHF RFID industry chain: a wide range of downstream applications

The industry chain of UHF RFID is very finely divided. The upper reaches of the industry are mainly chip manufacturers and antenna manufacturers, and the middle reaches of the industry can also be divided into tag product lines and reader product lines. The label product line covers the Inlay middleware production link, the blank label production link, the inkjet printing link and the integrator who makes the RFID label to the end user; the reader product line covers the reader module, the finished reader (including handheld machine and fixed reader) and solution providers and integrators. The downstream of the industry includes various application end users and integrators.


UHF RFID tags have a wide range of applications

According to different application frequencies, it is divided into low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF), ultra high frequency (UHF), and microwave (MW). The corresponding representative frequencies are: low frequency below 135KHz, high frequency 13.56MHz, ultra high frequency Frequency 860M-960MHz, microwave 2.4G-5.8G. At present, the actual RFID applications are mainly low-frequency and high-frequency products. UHF RFID tags are mainly used in mobile vehicle identification, supply chain management, warehousing and logistics applications, production line automation management, aviation and railway parcel management, container management, etc. RFID tag products are mainly used in logistics and supply chain management, smart retail, asset tracking and management, animal tracking and management, electronic tickets, traffic management, hospital management, library management and military information management and other fields.


Global trade status of UHF RFID products

In the global UHF RFID industry trade, due to the superior UHF RFID production conditions in China and Germany, the high level of technological development, and the strong UHF RFID production capacity. From the perspective of major consuming countries, China, the United States and EU countries have a wide range of UHF RFID applications, and the consumption of UHF RFID is relatively high.


In terms of import and export, the General Administration of Customs of China conducted import and export data query on market segments such as UHF RFID tags and readers, and found that the main importing countries of UHF RFID include Germany, France, Malaysia, etc. The output of high-frequency RFID chips, readers, etc. is relatively high; the main exporting countries of UHF RFID include the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, etc., and the downstream demand is relatively large.


The UHF RFID industry has migrated from the United States to China globally

Since the development of the UHF RFID industry, the global UHF RFID market has been dominated by the United States. Leading companies in the UHF RFID market in the U.S. include Impinj, Alien Technology, and NXP. Specific products include high-performance RFID tag chips, reader Writer, reader chip, software, antenna and RFID system integration, the sales scope covers all countries and regions in the world, and the market value is also at the leading level in the world. In recent years, China's UHF RFID market has gradually developed, and more than half of the production capacity has been achieved in the UHF RFID label market. The direction of system integration is developing, and the deployment of the industrial chain is relatively complete. It is expected that the global UHF RFID industry will further migrate from the United States to China.

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