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Smart RFID reader secures industrial equipment

April 22,2021.

Intelligent RFID readers are designed for easy installation into the typical 22mm panel-mount holes used with machinery, are readily integrated with automation systems, and enable OEMs and end-users to easily apply advanced authentication and authorization measures.

RFID systems are useful for machine tools, material handling, and manufacturing machinery for industries like automotive production, food and beverage, life sciences, plastics, and others. Designers can use the RFID reader and tags to supersede traditional locking methods, providing advanced user-level access and safety-related authorization. Traceability is established with RFID-sourced timestamped logs detailing operator activities and operations. RFID tags help end users improve productivity in a convenient and cost-effective manner, maximizing the safe and secure operation of equipment.

Authenticating users and authorizing them to perform actions and equipment control is fundamental to maintaining safety and security for any operation. Access management also provides traceability for regulatory and analytical purposes. RFID cards and tags are simple and inexpensive to manage, secure, contactless, and robust for industrial environments — while providing flexible ways to configure, manage, and modify privileges.

RFID tags are low-cost and passive, responding to a short-range radio signal generated by the RFID reader when the two are in close proximity. These benefits overcome the problems with other traditional or complex methods such as key switches, magnetic strip cards, passwords, and biometrics.

Marktrace RFID is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development of technology & applications of the Internet of Things based on RFID. 2.4GHz RFID Readers are widely used for school security attendance, assets tracking, vehicle management and livestocks tracking. We are dedicated to the research and development of technology & applications of the Internet of Things based on RFID since 2004, focusing on the research, innovation and application of IoT smart device technology.

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