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How does the UHF RFID reader system work

April 16,2021.

UHF RFID reader emit radio waves of a specific frequency through an RFID antenna and can communicate by issuing a unique ID. They do not require batteries and can be used for many years.

RFID antenna

RFID antennas are responsible for transmitting and receiving radio waves, which enable us to detect RFID chips. When the RFID chip crosses the antenna field, it will be activated and send out a signal. Antennas produce different wave fields and cover different distances.

RFID reader

Combining the advanced technology of UHF RFID and years of basic experience in reader application, it can quickly and accurately read RFID tags from short distances. It has various communication interfaces and has more stable performance, which is suitable for many fields.

RFID tags and tags

The key factors are: size, orientation, reading angle, area and chip type.

Encoding RFID

We can encode the chip and print any barcode or number. We can also use USB readers, fixed readers or portable readers to encode tags. The tag has an internal memory (user memory) where we can save other information.

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