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How Can Iot Technology Improve Inventory Management?

August 25,2022.

Intelligent automated warehousing is generally composed of automated three-dimensional warehouses, information identification systems, three-dimensional shelves, track stackers, high-speed sorting systems, inbound and outbound conveying systems, logistics robot systems, automatic control systems, computer monitoring systems, computer management systems, And other auxiliary equipment, and also with the help of the hottest Internet of Things technology, such as RFID, through advanced control, bus, communication and other means, to achieve automatic storage and retrieval of various equipment.

Just like Decathlon, by improving the checkout payment process and using UHF RFID reading machines to improve inventory accuracy in stores and logistics centers, so as to ensure that consumers have stock when they need it. Decathlon first attaches a UHF RFID clothing tag with a fixed code to each product during the production process. This tag will uniquely represent the product and exist in Decathlon's background database. When these RFID-tagged goods are transported from the factory to the various distribution centers, the sorting lines and scanning channels equipped with UHF RFID reading equipment will help the system to deliver them to the correct system efficiently and accurately. place. In the store, RFID handheld devices will help store staff to complete the inventory of goods efficiently and reliably.

The application of UHF RFID clothing management has made Decathlon's logistics, retail and marketing simpler. The most intuitive data is that the efficiency of inventory inventory has increased by 5 times compared with the past, and the frequency of inventory has increased by 2 times; the entry and exit of goods , picking efficiency has been greatly improved; upstream suppliers can get visibility of inventory information, and connect with the automatic replenishment system of in-store shelves to replenish in time, so that inventory is more optimized. At the same time, RFID technology has also brought about an improvement in the efficiency of the overall operation team, a reduction in operating costs, and an improvement in customer experience.

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