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Analysis Of The Reasons Why Rfid Electronic Tags Cannot Be Read

August 10,2023.

RFID electronic tags greatly facilitate the management of enterprises, so what is the reason if it cannot be read during use? Let's find out together.


The distance between the electronic tag and the reader: In the RFID system, a certain distance needs to be maintained between the electronic tag and the reader for effective communication. If the distance is too far, the signal may not reach or be attenuated causing the reading to fail. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the distance between the electronic tag and the reader is within the specified working range.


Physical barriers between the electronic tag and the reader: If there are obstacles between the electronic tag and the reader, such as metal, concrete walls, liquids or human bodies, it will hinder the transmission of RFID signals. These physical obstructions can weaken or block the signal, making the tag unreadable.


Damage or aging of electronic tags: electronic tags may be damaged or aged by environmental factors or improper use. For example, if a tag is subjected to severe physical shock, high temperature, humidity, chemicals, etc., the circuitry inside the tag may be damaged, rendering it unreadable.


Mismatch between rfid electronic tags and readers: RFID systems use different frequencies and protocols, and different electronic tags and readers may not be compatible. Using mismatched tags and readers may result in communication failure and the tag cannot be read.


The battery of the electronic tag is exhausted: some RFID tags system are powered by batteries, and when the battery is exhausted, the tag will not work properly, so it cannot be read. Regular battery replacement or recharging is critical when using this type of tag.


Interrogator settings or failure: Misconfigured or malfunctioning interrogator settings can also prevent tags from being read. Check the reader's settings and capabilities to ensure it matches the tag's communication parameters and protocol.


If you encounter an unreadable situation, you should first check the above factors to determine the source of the problem. Sometimes repositioning the reader, removing physical obstructions, replacing the battery, or replacing the tag can solve the problem.

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