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Analysis Of The Application Of Rfid In Musical Instrument Management (1)

June 30,2022.

With the development of people's living standards and symphony, musical instruments related equipment has become more and more abundant. Compared with the previous manual paper registration method, the RFID technology management method has lower error rate and higher efficiency. Let us come today. Learn about the use of RFID in musical instrument inventory management.


When using RFID electronic label products to manage the registration of musical instruments, it is necessary to consider the material types and storage methods of musical instruments. For large packages of musical instruments, the label needs to be affixed to the outer packing box, and one or more musical instruments in the packing box should be registered. For metal musical instruments in small boxes, tag-type RFID tags are required to prevent the shielding effect of metals. For conventional non-metallic packing boxes, both tag-type electronic labels and sticker-type electronic labels can be used as appropriate.


For the classification and information of musical instruments, materials, equipment names, specifications, quantities, and maintenance specifications are the main collected information. According to the size of the musical instrument library, RFID ultra-high frequency access control is equipped at the entrance of the musical instrument library, and an RFID reader/writer is configured in the musical instrument library. Combined with the RFID antenna, the signal of the shelf area of the musical instrument library can be fully covered, and the inventory can be checked in real time. Finally, through the management Personnel holding RFID handheld terminals can perform operations such as inventory, search, and delivery of musical instruments.


The application of RFID in musical instrument inventory management greatly improves the efficiency of musical instrument management, saves a lot of labor costs, and realizes the refined management of musical instruments.

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