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About the characteristics of active rfid tags

July 7,2022.

Active RFID tags are one of two general categories of RFID tags. They are generally larger and more expensive than passive tags, and offer longer read ranges, extending up to 100m in some cases. However, active tags typically have a shorter lifespan than passive tags.

rfid (radio frequency identification) tag, also known as electronic tag, rfid card, etc. It consists of coupling elements and chips. When attached to the object, the information is transmitted to the central information system through radio waves for data processing and storage.

Currently commonly used rfid technologies are: low frequency (125khz), ultra-high frequency (13.56mhz), microwave (280~300mhz), millimeter wave (433mhz). Among them, the most widely used is low-frequency technology, and its frequency is 125khz. UHF is one of the emerging frequency bands developed in recent years. 230gsm systems have begun to use this frequency band; in addition, 900gsm systems are also using this frequency band; The 850gshz system is mainly used for short-range communication services.

Because UHF has the advantages of strong penetration and good confidentiality, it is widely used in finance, logistics, library management, military and other fields. Features of UHF Reader:

(1) The working frequency is high.

(2) Small size.

(3) Light weight.

(4) Low power consumption.

(5) Long life.

(6) Strong anti-interference ability.

(7) Good reliability.

(8) Low cost.

Choosing the right RFID tag will ultimately depend on your environment, data requirements, and the size of the item you want to label.

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