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Interpretation Of Problems From The Perspective Of Rfid Security

June 15,2022.

With the wide application of RFID technology, there are hidden security risks in data in various links such as RFID readers, electronic tags and networks. Security and privacy issues have become one of the main factors restricting RFID technology. The RFID products seen by users actually include manufacturing processes such as chips, modules, inserts, labels or cards (some flip-chip processes will save the module process), so the quality of RFID products cannot be limited to the chip, but from the label. Or the point of view of the card to pay attention. From the actual quality feedback, first of all, physical damage of RFID (chip cracking, antenna detachment) often accounts for the vast majority, so the quality of RFID packaging process is most worthy of attention; secondly, the RF performance of RFID often affects the user experience. , which includes the design quality of RFID chips and tools; again, for RFID applications, protocols and workflows are also very important, especially for some applications with high security requirements, the design of interactive processes often plays an important role in application quality. decisive role.

RFID security is of paramount importance. In fact, security does not refer to a single aspect. The security of RFID products is not only reflected in the design of the product itself, but also through management means on the application side. In terms of security technology of RFID products, on the one hand, it is the research of security algorithm and application, including the realization of encryption mechanism, especially the completeness of application process; Technology, including reliability design to prevent fault-type attacks (such as high and low operating level detection, high and low operating frequency detection, high and low operating temperature detection, etc.), anti-detection design (light detection, probe detection), anti-power analysis attacks (SPA, DPA, etc.) and anti-pattern attack (reasonable design of the conversion mechanism of the working mode), etc. However, no matter what kind of security technology is adopted, the corresponding management system is required to achieve the purpose of security. The security of RFID application is not only the security technology of the RFID tag itself, but also the security scheme and management system on the system. RFID security is a system problem, and the focus of attention should not be limited to the RFID product itself.

In the RFID system, data information may be threatened by man-made and natural reasons. Data security is mainly used to protect information from unauthorized leakage and unauthorized destruction, and to ensure the integrity of data information in the process of storage, processing and transmission. Safe and effective use. The security of RFID tag data is mainly to solve the problems of information authentication and data encryption to prevent unauthorized access to the RFID system, or attempts to track, steal or even maliciously tamper with RFID electronic tag information.

Information authentication means that before the RFID data transaction is carried out, the UHF reader and RFID tag must confirm the identity of the other party, that is, the two parties should first check each other's key during the communication process before further operations. Data encryption refers to authenticated electronic tags and RFID readers. Before data transmission, the key and encryption algorithm are used to process the plaintext of the data to obtain the ciphertext. The text is restored to plaintext. The setting of information authentication and data encryption effectively realizes the security of RFID tag data, but at the same time its complex algorithms and processes also increase the cost of the RFID system. For some low-cost tags, it is often difficult to implement the above-mentioned complex password mechanism due to strict cost constraints. At this time, some physical methods can be used to limit the functions of the tags to prevent some security threats.

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