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Refueling non-sensing payment launched in Malaysia using RFID technology

June 10,2022.

Recently, Shell, the world's largest oil retailer, has launched a number of new gas stations in Malaysia that incorporate RFID technology. Many netizens are excited because of its convenience and payment convenience.

With the popularity of automobiles, the operational load of gas stations has also increased dramatically. The RFID-based application system has a series of advantages such as non-contact, adjustable working distance, high precision, automatic and fast information collection and processing, and good environmental adaptability. Its advanced automatic identification function can easily realize the tasks that were difficult to be completed manually. The application technology of RFID has many advantages such as non-contact, fast identification, adjustable working distance, accurate collection and good environmental adaptability, which effectively improves the data entry method and improves the operation efficiency of gas stations.

The RFID reader is installed on the tanker to realize data communication with the tanker, which is connected to the network through TCP/IP or RS485 bus (or other data bus), and can also be communicated and networked through a wireless transmission network. The device is connected to the management computer placed in the business hall of the gas station, and the RFID tanker information management system software is installed on the management computer. The automatic refueling function can be realized through the system software, and the card can be used for each refueling. Vehicles entering the gas station are identified, and only vehicles matching the gas card are authorized to refuel. Refueling with one car and one card is basically adopted in the form of one-to-one matching, but one-to-many or designated single-card refueling is allowed through authority management. After this function is implemented, the legality of refueling vehicles can be guaranteed to the greatest extent, the level of oil consumption management can be improved, and oil consumption loopholes can be eliminated to a large extent.

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