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December 3,2021.

Three major problems in fixed asset management

  1. Asset inventory is an indispensable and important link in asset management. It plays a role in checking the physical assets of assets and reflecting the status of assets, and plays a role in on-site verification and supervision of the work. At present, most companies still rely entirely on manual inventory in the asset inventory work. Management methods are lagging, inventory efficiency and accuracy are low, a lot of repetitive work has been performed, the post-data statistics and report production workload is large, and the entire inventory cycle is long.
  2. With a large number of assets, geographically dispersed, and inaccurate and untimely information, it is difficult to know the status of assets in a timely manner: such as quantity, component parts, storage location, use department, responsible person, use status, etc. When using assets, they are only used for use, and do not care who is responsible for keeping the assets, and it is not clear about the actual situation of the assets they are responsible for. These conditions directly lead to low asset utilization, and it is extremely prone to problems such as repeated purchases and asset loss.
  3. There are many types and quantities of assets, and the location of use changes at any time, and assets often "disappear". Traditional manual bookkeeping is often inefficient, heavy workload, and inaccurate data, which can easily cause inconsistencies in the accounts. Managers and responsible personnel cannot query the current actual status of assets in real time, and cannot quickly conduct budget approval and business operations. Approval, leadership decision-making, etc.

Advantages of RFID asset management system
Based on RFID technology, asset data is stored in tags or systems as needed to realize the full life cycle management of asset purchase, use, maintenance, inventory, and scrapping, and realize real-time monitoring and management of important assets. Achieve the consistency of accounts and objects, greatly improving the efficiency of asset inventory and asset utilization.

Use RFID technology to reduce repeated purchase costs, reduce audit costs, reduce equipment loss, and increase asset utilization. At the same time, based on RFID technology, the characteristics of long-distance, batch, and fast reading can greatly improve inventory efficiency.

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RFID asset management system

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